It’s that time of year again, ya’ll! April and Autism are practically synonymous at this point with the month’s activities geared towards boosting Autism research, support, and-of course- awareness. However, with incidence estimates now sitting at 2.76% (approximately...

Humans are strange creatures, aren’t they? We are by and large a social species, reliant on one another for support, safety, and overall well-being, and yet, we are fickle with whom we share our social acceptance. One could make a multitude of arguments as to why this...

Last weekend was an exciting day for the Nashville community of spellers! Our students started the afternoon off with a bang during their group learning class (check out the FB post here), and then the families of TGPP gathered to learn about an important topic: our ro...

“What do you mean my child has a ‘motor disorder’? He moves just fine!”

This month has seemed especially full of opportunities to speak with families and professionals about the fact that many (if not all) of our students with Autism are experiencing a combination of 1)...

Autism and Augmentative or Alternative Communication supports (AAC) often go hand in hand, especially when it comes to students who have no speech or very minimal speech (i.e. a few rote words or phrases). The idea that students like this need and benefit from options...

The concept of Autism as a motor planning and sensory difference, in many ways, is still emerging: few families have heard of it, almost no schools or institutions approach students with this mindset, and the majority of professionals negate the concept. When I initial...


“Low functioning”

‘Negative behavior”

“Severely intellectually delayed”

“Significantly below grade level”

“Unable to focus”

“Does not relate to or cooperate with teachers or peers”

Feels pretty icky to read that, huh? For any of you who have sat through an annual...

These last few weeks have been absolutely full of moments, the kind that make me sit back and awe at the wonders I am privy to. I have been excited and humbled to meet new students and feel our mutual happiness in communicating bubble over, and to see one of “my kids”...

Hey guys! Welcome back for round two of this blogging adventure, and I hope you all enjoyed the first one back in June J For those of you just tuning in, here’s a brief synopsis: I am a speech-language pathologist who helps people with Autism learn to communicate via s...

Autism, Spelling to Communicate/Rapid Prompting Method, Speech Therapy, Non-speaking

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Finding the "Place"

June 27, 2017

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